September 3, 2023

The Year Ahead: Plans for 2023-24

As the new school year kicks off, we are excited to continue supporting students through the development of this project - and we have some pretty exciting things planned for this coming year!

While we are still working on securing funding to do bigger projects, the success of our undergraduate work-study program and speaker series last year have helped us gather the following key insights:

  • Our students already have some amazing ideas for Black Digital Humanities projects! But need some mentorship and support to help them make these ideas a reality
  • Project-based work is effective in helping students learn and students gain a lot from being given the space to explore and experiment
  • UX methodologies provide a possible entry point to help students get into this work. It provides a more familiar framework for students to learn research methods that can be applied both within and outside the space of the university
  • Although our speaker series was originally planned with the primary goal of supporting undergraduate students, it became a rich and generative space where emerging and established scholars working both in and outside the university were able to connect and share their thoughts and projects

We hope to continue supporting student projects in this coming year and anticipate hosting another presenter series in 2024. Interested in getting involved in some capacity? Get in touch with us at!

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