75 Years of JSU Department of Art

Team: Ashanti Stiff, Azza Osman, Hayat Abdulhakim, Keith Cheng, Brittany Myburgh

This research project at Jackson State University's Art Department aims to explore the department's historical and educational significance in the context of Black arts education and to design an exhibition that reflects its legacy while looking towards the future. The project is driven by two primary research questions focusing on the department's historical role and how best to represent this in an exhibition that is both retrospective and forward-looking.

Archival Resources

The discovery phase involves in-depth research into the department's past 75 years, identifying key milestones, and understanding the evolution of its curriculum in line with developments in art and art history. This phase also includes gathering insights from students, faculty, and alumni on the department's impact and significant contributions. Students are engaged to discover how they currently understand the Department's history and what they would want to see from an exhibit that supports them in looking to the future.

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