ART @ 75: BDH Workshop

A key highlight of our latest ongoing project is Ashanti Stiff's recent workshop! As a UX Research Assistant, Stiff led a session that focused on ideation, speculative design thinking, and evaluating boundaries and barriers in digital humanities - all in the context of curating an exhibition on the history of the Department of Art at JSU.

Ideation and Speculative Design Thinking

The workshop explored ideation and speculative design thinking through a series of activities. This approach is all about envisioning future possibilities in the realm of both art and digital humanities. It encourages participants to think creatively and expansively about how technology can intersect with and transform traditional art forms and curatorial practices.

Assessing Boundaries and Barriers

A critical aspect of the workshop was identifying and exploring the boundaries and barriers currently present in communicating the history and future of the Department of Art. Stiff guided participants through a process of critical analysis, encouraging them to question existing limitations and envision ways to transcend them.

The Fusion of Digital and Artistic Techniques

The workshop placed a strong emphasis on how digital tools and methods can be integrated into artistic practices and exhibition spaces. This exploration is crucial for the lab's mission, which aims to bridge the gap between technology, history, and art.

The discussions and creative concepts developed in this workshop are vital to helping us think through the possibilities for exhibiting stories and futures. The workshop not only highlighted the potential of digital humanities to transform our understanding of history and art, but also set the stage for future innovations in this exciting and evolving field.

Thank you, Ashanti! And thank you to our participating students!